Sexual and relationship disorders

Most people believe that everyone is an expert in sex. But even the treatment of sexual problems have two proper approaches: immediate medicine prescription or long-term psychological analysis. Nor of them are real effective. Sexuality is the most sensible effect of human organ, where mental and physical harmony is crucial. Only their small disharmony can cause the onset of sexual disorder. Therefore sexual medicine as a new science was born for the complex approach of these problems. Actually, there are a few hundred physicians in the world who have this international license (FECSM). The confession of sexual medicine is the complex approach (physical, mental and relationship factors) and specified, personalized therapy. Main topics are:

Female Male
Sexual desire disorder Erectile disorder
Orgasmic disorder Premature or delayed ejaculation
Painful sex, vaginism Sexual addiction
Life stages and sex Medicines and sex


Family planning, childbirth: the Family planning model covers a complex method (before the planned conception) that can reduce the risk of congenital abnormalities and preterm delivery at least by 50%. It can simultaneously assure the happiness and balanced mental state of mother during pregnancy and after delivery. This means the most important factor of children’s healthy mental and physical development.

Female roles, effeminacy: in the vogue of our era the sexual roles are confused and it’s harmful for the relationships and mental harmony as well. Many women stay single non the less they have a successful professional carrier, don’t find a partner or can’t keep the relationship. Although the latest phenomenon depends on the cooperation of partners, but traditionally the emotional basis is handled by women. To live and improve effeminacy is an important factor for the sexual well-being and health. And at the same time this is the assurance of a successful relationship.



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