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Well-being and Health Clinic

Rend_belsoThe Well-being and Health Clinic has been operating since 1999 for serving mental and physical healthiness. According to our confession, mental hygiene and happiness are the key factors for preventing physical illnesses and having long and entire life. The mental balance has strict connection with existing relationship and its quality. Intimacy, attachment and sexual harmony are the key factors of happiness which is desired by every people. To achieve this goal, the key elements are self-recognition, self-improvement and fulfillness of our male/female roles.

Erika Erös M.D.

Dr_Eros_Erika_6500 The significance of life is the possibility of having entire happiness and value of life is specially emphasized by death. The balance of private life and relationship means the basis of happiness - said Erika Erös M.D. The great challenge of the life is to preserve simultaneously intimacy and passion in a monogamic relationship. The sexuality is a very sensible factor of relationship, it’s been influenced by mental and physical matters as well. I believe that both sexual happiness and mental/physical harmony are needed to achieve well-being.


  • Psychological aspects of preconception care

    Childbirth as a great irreversible life event is a so-called normative crisis of the life. This phenomenon means that previous coping skills of the family planning couple will become insufficient for the rule of parenthood. Preparation for the conception is a sensitive period when the responsibility of the couple for their future babies’ health is high. So their compliance usually is very good with the consultation service.Read More »
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  • Female partner’s perception of PE

    Definitions of premature ejaculation (PE) have varied in the past, but in 2008, experts appointed by the International Society for Sexual Medicine agreed that three factors are involved: timing, a sense that the man does not have control over ejaculation, and distress for the couple. Many studies have focused on men’s experiences with PE and found that the condition negatively affects quality of life and relationships with partners. Women’s perceptions of PE have not been widely researched. Recent studies have had mixed results. Most have found that the female partners of men with PE tend to feel more sexual distress and dissatisfaction. But other research shows that while PE affects women’s sexual satisfaction, it does not affect relationships and personal functioning.
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